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What is Lumpy Virus – Learn the symptoms and methods of preventing Lumpy Virus

Nodule virus . Virus lamp . bulky virus . bulky virus . What is Lumpy Virus . What is the protection against bulky virus?

What is Lumpy Virus : Hello friends today we have for you lamp with virus Friends brought information related to, just as there was an outcry around the world due to a dangerous epidemic like the coronavirus, so did animals without a voice. lampi virus wreaked havoc .

Nodule virus

Innocent animals are getting infected every day, the infection of this deadly disease has spread to 10 different states of the country. Apart from our country, dairy animals have lost their lives due to this disease in other countries, this disease is incurable, this disease has been declared as a notifiable disease.

What is Lumpy Virus?

Lampi virus It is a deadly disease found in wild animals, this disease is found in dairy animals, mainly it is seen in cows, cows in 10 states of the country are more sick and their life is infected by this disease. Thousands of cows died and any something else Nodule virus Any healthy animal that comes into contact with an infected animal also becomes a victim of this disease, although no concrete treatment has been done so far, although it is treated based on symptoms.

In this disease, nodular skin disease is formed in cows, therefore this disease is also called “Nodular skin disease virus”, that is LSDV. In the past, this epidemic spread to other countries and killed all the infected animals, this disease spreads like a virus, how the corona virus spread to humans, but this disease does not happen to humans, only this disease happens to animals. only.This was confirmed by AIIMS doctors.

How does Lampi virus spread?

bulky virus There is a type of infectious disease that spreads from one animal to another. Apart from this, this disease can also spread through direct contact with animals, especially through consumption of contaminated food and drinking water.

Nodule virus It has become a very fast spreading virus, now many cows have died from this disease in more than 15 states and this disease is spreading very fast in cows. Identification is done and they are identified and treated on that basis.

Find out the symptoms of Lampi Virus here

Nodule virus These symptoms are observed in all animals that have been infected. information Some are as follows –

  • Animals infected with this virus run a high fever and that fever persists.
  • The amount of milk is greatly reduced.
  • Rashes form on the skin of animals and lumps form in them.
  • Animals feel less hungry.
  • The animals’ legs become swollen and lame.
  • The male’s working capacity is reduced.
  • The weight of the animal begins to decrease rapidly.
  • Saliva flows from the animal’s mouth and water begins to flow from the eyes and nose.

This is one of its main symptoms. Apart from this, different types of symptoms are observed in different animals.

What is the protection against bulky virus?

Friends, let’s say now how to make the baby of our animals with the virus.

  • If an animal becomes infected with this virus, then that animal must be kept away from all other animals.
  • The animals’ place should be cleaned daily and efforts should be made to keep their quarters clean and tidy.
  • To get rid of flies and mosquitoes etc. spray or any similar home remedy should be used from time to time.
  • If an infected object dies, its corpse should not be left in the open. Rather, it should be buried in a deep pit so that there is no risk of infection.
  • From time to time, insecticides should be sprayed in the surrounding areas.
  • Your infected animals should receive the smallpox vaccine as directed by your doctor.
  • Multivitamin medicines can also be given to animals.
  • These medicines should only be taken on doctor’s advice. for their unity to grow
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotic antihistamines can also be given to avoid this virus.


Friends, today through our article we have offered it to you Nodule virus We hope you must have liked this information, stay connected to our site to get such important information, thank you very much for reading our article till the end.

Lumpy Virus Questions and Answers

What is nodule virus?

Nodule virus It is a deadly infectious disease that has not yet been treated, which spreads and mainly infects cows.

What are the symptoms of lampi virus?

Nodule virus Some of the main symptoms are observed in the infected animal, such as the skin of the animal becomes rashes and lumps develop in them. It turns out that the weight of the animals decreases continuously and the animals start giving less milk and the animals do not even feel. hunger etc.

What is the treatment for Lumpy Virus?

There is no cure for the virus yet, but animals are treated based on their symptoms.

How to protect animals from bulky virus?

For this, clean the place of all the animals every day from time to time, use spray to kill the fly mosquito or use insecticide, vaccinate your animals with antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and antihistamines, etc. according to the doctor.


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