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Today’s game update for The Sims 4 addresses several annoying bugs

Tonight the Sims developers are releasing a new game update for The Sims 4. They announced this on their new Twitter account The Sims Direct Communications known. On this account they want to communicate more about what bugs they are currently working on and when, for example, the game gallery is in maintenance mode.

Among other things, the game update aims to fix the annoying Groundhog Day bug. Many players had the problem of simply not being able to save their scores and as a result all their progress was lost. The update also addresses the aging issue. We won’t find out what other bugs will be fixed until around 7:30pm tonight. Then the developers usually publish the patch notes for the update. We will then update our news accordingly.

The update itself will be released today around 19:00 for PC and console. As always, it’s important that if you play with mods, you only reactivate them after you’ve made sure they work with the new game version or that the mod has been updated.

A game bug that the developers are currently working on is a toddler aging bug. This will probably only be fixed with a future game update.

written by Mica

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