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Sattaking 786 | King Santa Claus | Satta Chart | Satta King 786 | Satta Bazar

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Satta King 786 Today Lucky Number : Hello friends, you are welcome to our article, today we will talk Satta King 786 They will tell more about him, friends about his chart and panel matka market In any game a secret trick is tried for it to win the game the methods of playing matka games are same though friends this game is illegal but the person who knows its trick after playing it. He can win money in it at least two or three times in a row. And many people have to wait a long time to know their trick.

In the desire to earn big money, many citizens of India invest money in it every day and most people lose, but only those who trust their mind more than luck. When a cunning person starts putting money into it when he finds out the trick to win. For the first time a driver comes to this game, then he does not come to earn money, he comes to learn about it.

Friends, I have also seen many people spending a lot of time in the same game, that’s because they want to get complete information about that game, they want to know everything from basic to advanced. Friends will tell you about this game, please stick with our article only then you will be able to get complete information about this game.

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Satta King 786 Kya Hai What is Satta King 786?

Satta King 786 Friends is a game of chance played with numbers. And there is a little difference between the games and this game, its rules and tricks are also different from others, the game is played not only in India but all over the world, if you don’t know, then let us tell you the beginning of Matka games .It was made by ancient India, it has changed a lot over time, the ways to play it have also changed, but friends, the fun we used to play earlier, the same joke still comes into play.

Friends, only those people come into the game who want to become millionaires without doing anything without understanding anything. He really likes this game and it draws him to the scheme. Satta King 786 Like being trapped in games. Because without doing anything friends get nothing, if you entered the game thinking that I will become a millionaire in this game with a giggle, then friends, it is not so, in this game you also need to know the tricks and rules of playing other information |

Satta King 786 went fully online. The person who plays it sitting at home can easily tell his people online from his phone or laptop. You won’t have to struggle too much to see today’s result, you can enter online. Head of DP By going to the website that made satta matka you will get everything on your own time.


JAI BHARAT (12:50 PM) 21 85
HIMACHAL (1:00 PM) 02 52
KISAN GANJ KG (1:30 PM) 14 12
FIROZPUR (14:00) 32 12
ROYAL GOLD RG (14:30) 74 36
DELHI GOLD (15:00) 54 14
BOMBAY (15:00) 85 74
THAT (03:15 PM) 12 87
DELHI STAR (4.30pm) 20 59
KASHIPUR (4:30 PM) 24 21
JAI VISHNU (16:30) 18 38
UP (05:00 PM) 55 42
REGISTER (17:00) 39 59
DELHI DIAMOND (17:30) 41 18
GOA (18:00) 47 70
FARIDABAD (18:15) 87 21
NAGPUR (18:20) 87 15
DELHI STATE (7:00 PM) 2. 3 87
PUNJAB (19:30) 19 73

Satta King 786 Matka Bazar Time Table Satta King Matka Bazar

Friends, this game also has a schedule, this game also runs according to the schedule and friends tell you Satta King 786 The largest in India matka market Which is closed on sunday only if you want to invest money then you can anytime invest money in the game and if you want to see then you can go to TV Board website and see the results of all matka games there at the time of matka games.are displayed on

Friends, let us tell you that now there is good news for Tatta King investors King Satta Disawar His own mobile app (Satta King Disawar) has been launched, any player who invests money can see the result of his game very comfortably on this app. Friends, I have provided the schedule list below, if you are interested then read that list carefully.

Mother’s name Time
DISAVER ( 05:00 AM )
CAN ( 23:15 )
FARIDABAD (6:15 p.m.)
SHRI GANESH (4:30 p.m.)
SHALIMAR ( 07:10 PM )
DELHI BAZAR (3:10 p.m.)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Satta King 786King Satta Ke Fayde | Satta King Ke Nuksan

Friends, this game has been a promise to go since time immemorial King Satta The popularity of the game is not less than Bollywood movies, only after it left Mumbai, it was shadowed all over the country that most of the youth in India started playing the victim and then after investing money in it, people enter the depression. and many people as well. For this reason, the government had declared it illegal, many people were ruined because of the game. Becoming dependent on it, getting depressed after losing money is the biggest loss.

if friends talk King Satta If you play this game following the tricks and rules of your understanding then you will get countless benefits in it. Friends also earn money sitting at home from many people who have given most of their time to this game. Not only Anand Sahni, big industrialists also earn money by playing this game. Good money is earned by playing this game, there is no objection to this, but it is equally important that many people’s economic condition has deteriorated due to the scale and many people’s financial condition has also become very good.


Friends hope from our article King Satta You must have learned a lot about the game. One more thing we clearly tell you that we are not related to this game nor we are promoting this game, Indian government has declared the game illegal and we respect the government. If you want to play this thing, then play wisely at your own risk, it’s our job to give you the correct information.

Thank you very much for staying with our article till the end. If you want to get more information like this, please keep visiting our website. And if you have any kind of doubt from our article then you can ask in comment box.


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