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Preview of new The Sims 4 content coming October 18th

Starting October 18, anyone interested in The Sims can get The Sims 4 base game for free. What we already reported this afternoon has now been officially confirmed by EA. The base game will then be permanently available on PC and console.

As part of it, there will be a new live stream from the Sims developers. In this regard, developers want to report on their current work. This may include previews of new packages and updates. Specifically, EA says:

And The Sims 4 Soon, our team is working harder than ever to bring new and meaningful ones The Sims 4– We are developing experiences for our players and will continue to offer new packs, sets and Sims Express Deliveries in the near future. You can learn more about our current work in the special edition live stream Behind The Sims Summit on October 18, 2022 at 10:00 AM PDT/7:00 PM CEST on Die Sims-YouTube- and twitch-channels.

While the official website explicitly talks about new content for The Sims 4, the accompanying video generally talks about “big announcements about The Sims.” It’s currently open if it’s just new aspects of The Sims 4 or if there’s more behind it.

Of course, we’ll be reporting on all the big and small announcements as part of the live stream. By the way, until then you can pick up a thank you gift from EA: The Sims 4 Desert Oasis set released today is available for free until October 17th.

written by Mica

Micha has been a The Sims player since day one. In 2003 he founded SimTimes to provide Sims players with all the important news and information about life simulation.


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