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mxmtoon: From a Sims agent to the face of The Sims 4’s new campaign

21-year-old Maia is not only a successful singer, songwriter and streamer, but since the summer of this year she has also been the face of the latest The Sims 4 Marketing Campaign. Maia is better known to her fans as mxmtoon. He is currently on a major European tour and has four concerts in Germany in October. We had a chance to chat with mxmtoon about their passion for The Sims.

You may have heard her well-known Ball Gown song on Spotify before, but in The Sims 4: December 2019 Update, the stripped-down version of her hit song has been added as a new in-game song:

We – and mxmtoon – wondered if it’s actually hard to sing a song in Simlish. “Surprisingly, no! Simlish is very phonetic, which makes it easy to learn. I definitely made mistakes a few times, but I’m very proud of my simlish skills.” she tells us.

mxmtoon herself is also an avid Sims player. It all started with a rather atypical game: MySims Agents. In this spin-off for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, players must prove themselves in various mini-games to catch a thief. Although the game bears little resemblance to the classic Sims titles, it was the start of a passion for Maia for The Sims games that continues to this day.

MySims Agents was an offshoot of the MySims series for the Nintendo DS and Wii

From architecture to music

In an interview with us, mxmtoon tells us that he had another passion before music: he originally wanted to study architecture. This also means that in The Sims 4 she prefers to be in construction mode and design houses. In this way, she can continue to live her passion for design, even though music is of course at the center of her life at the moment.

But how did you decide to switch from studying architecture to music? “I didn’t realize until quite late that I wanted to do something with music” she tells us. “Probably about half a year after graduating high school, I realized that music was no longer just an unattainable dream, but something I could aspire to. That realization probably helped me gain the confidence to move forward and envision making music long-term.”

For the current The Sims 4 campaign, mxmtoon has slipped into a variety of roles to represent the various possibilities of life simulation. She revealed to us that she had a very specific role as a favorite:

“I loved being the muscular version of me! It’s the complete opposite of everything I am, so playing a gym junkie was a lot of fun.”

I feel very honored to be a part of a game that has meant so much to me for so many years.


In addition to the variety of characters that can be created and lived in The Sims 4, we couldn’t help but ask the question that probably every Sims player has been asked at some point: Have you ever created yourself? “Categorical!”

It describes an issue that some players may be familiar with: “I can never get my face right though, so my friends helped me find the right nose, eyes or mouth for my Sim.” As the Sims version, mxmtoon tries to try things that have nothing to do with their real life: “I find it so much fun to create myself in the game and then take my virtual self on a whole new career that has nothing to do with music.”

written by Mica

Micha has been a The Sims player since day one. In 2003 he founded SimTimes to provide Sims players with all the important news and information about life simulation.


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