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Breaking She-Hulk director defends plot and direction of Season 1 after backlash and downvotes. News and updates

In a recent interview with Total Film magazine, she Hulk Attorney at Law director Kat Koyer talked about all the backlash.

Specifically related to the plot that Hulk has taken and how comfortable he is with the direction they’ve gone. It’s safe to say that Hulk’s direction has been polarizing, right? He has people who really love him, he questions those in the middle, and he has people who absolutely hate him. And it seems the negative side is always super vocal.

So speaking to Total Film and responding to the complaints about the plot criticism, the different direction they’ve taken with the series. Breaking the fourth wall and dealing with so many things all over the MCU, the director had the answer and said that he felt this show needed to convey a sense of reality while also doing the crazy superhero stuff. So she says it was important for her to strike a balance between what it means to be a woman in the real world, but also having to tie that into the plot. That’s getting a little absurd at this point. And think.

So you have to know the characters, but at the same time you have to have things that drive the plot forward, not just for her, the Hulk, but for the entire MCU. And on top of that, you have to address so many different things that people will question, from cameos to shihoko to the larger Marvel Universe to why you decided to put all of this into a comedy.

And she teases the larger conflict coming our way. Forward in terms of the series, but also what exactly happens in the future with her Hulk? And she says that you’ll more or less have to get a different tone when the Hulk shows up. Like every character when they meet, you have to make small adjustments. And I guess that’s right again, right? You look at it, ever since Marvel started teaming up with The Avengers, you have to take a character and make them somewhat different. And play with their power levels and how they react to things around them. Because if they act like they do in their individual projects, it doesn’t necessarily work for the better.

For example, you can’t have the same Thor in everything. That’s why his power levels fluctuate. Just like comics, you know, there’s a situation. So, Hulk, as she says, yes, season one, the plot is a bit absurd. Yes, the direction is a little different, but then again, that’s the nature of the show. And it won’t be the same every time the Hulk shows up, because we have to adapt to that. So I think what she’s trying to say is that if you don’t like the Hulk here, maybe you’ll like her in a way. other projects maybe.


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