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Breaking Ms.Marvel Yellow Brick Road Green Lantern Like Scrapped Powers Revealed News and Updates

With Miss Marvel now behind us, we have plenty of concept art and ideas that reveal another direction the character could have gone. So let’s talk about Kamala Khan’s yellow brick road powers. So I think most of you know how the concept of art works. It is conceptual art because it is in the conceptual stage of coming up with ideas. So all kinds of things are posted there to try to figure out what to do.

Kamala has come to crystallize a kind of embiggen.

Kamala has come to crystallize a kind of embiggen.

I think, but not really powers. But as it turns out, one concept was very different. She allegedly had strange powers on the yellow brick road, which you can quite clearly see expanding. From her bracelet. And it goes down and forms a path that he was going to slide down, I think. Because that’s what it looks like. Very interesting because you can tell parts of her are disconnected, like she’s doing an obstacle course, so she could imagine all kinds of things and constructions and then slide and jump over them .

You know, I think that definitely would have drawn a lot more comparisons to Green Lantern, if you ask me then what we ended up with, which is almost nothing like Green Lantern, if I could be real with you. And the one thing that I like about it that ticks me off is that you can say it. I’m very early. They decided we weren’t doing embiggen, so they had concept artists come up with all these crazy ideas. So it doesn’t stretch.

And again, I get it, it’s not the direction you want to go, but it’s very interesting to see what it’s like. And considering all the complaints and, you know, the doubts that a lot of people had about how they were going to make him show his powers anyway, the fact that we got something that actually works in the context that they were going for makes me let me think. that this right here. Yes probably. It wouldn’t have worked as well as what I got and it would have drawn too much criticism and comparison because that’s the first thing I thought of when I looked at it.

So again, you see these ideas and you can kind of in your mind make up a story about why you think they didn’t, and it’s probably right. And in the end, I’m glad I didn’t get it, but part of me still thinks we’ll eventually see some kind of version of it somewhere. Probably one of the mutants when they come in, they’ll give it to them because they already have ideas on how to do it.


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